Saturday, August 30, 2008

New product ideas

Search on Songs
I have roughly 3000 songs on my iPoD/iPhone/iXXX; however I cannot hear the song I want to hear when I want to hear it. It is a pain to search for song I am interested in. We need a way to quickly search the songs based on song data (more than what CDDB provides).


Internet Kisoks in big shopping stores
How many times have you looked at a shelf of similar products and wondering which one to buy. This is especially true for electronic items. In my last visit to a local electronics store, I was looking to buy a printer and there were so many options that it was difficult to decide. It was not clear if I am paying more for a printer, what additional features I am getting. This problem has been solved for internet buying where you can compare the features of similar products by comparing them feature by feature in a table format. Only if this was available for in-store shopping as well....

Data mining
There is no better way to understand your customer then analyzing in-store data of purchases. This is as real as it gets. Some of the uses of this data are:
1) Customer buying trends
Helps store to decide what to keep, how much to keep... per store!
2) Selective coupon marketing
A vegetarian customer will very likely trash coupon for frozen ham.