Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Idea #1: Organizing Belts in a Store

(From now on, I will tag my product idea/suggestion posts with a number for easier tracking)

What do you observe about the image below? It was taken at a nearby Banana Republic store but I have found almost stores arranging the belts this way only.

Belts at a nearby Banana Republic store

Existing arrangement of belts seems to be based on the type of the belt (with the occasional misplacement done by perhaps confused customers). Now, it would be reasonable to assume that anyone shopping for belts is looking for a certain size belt only, lets say 32. Finding a 32 size belt in above arrangement is actually quite challenging. I have to reach back into the line of the belts to find a size 32 only to realize I don't like the type.

Why not organize the belts based on just the size. That way, customers only have to look through one aisle of belts and can decide which design they like. 

Now should that be extended to other items in the store: jeans/trousers/shirts etc. ?  Thinking some more on this topic, I feel that if the items are hanging in a rack with decent inter-item space (and not crammed up like what you see for items on sale), that organizing by size could be efficient.  However, if items are placed one above another on a table, then organizing by type makes most sense.

What do you think?