Monday, May 18, 2009

LTTE is gone. What Mahinda Rajapaksa must do now...

It is time for the world to congratulate Sri Lankans for having taken out LTTE, a home grown group of separatists who had used terror and suicide killing to further their agenda. The approach of using terrorism as a means of achieving an independent state has seldom worked (it worked in case of Nepal Maoists whose main agenda was to give equal rights for lower-caste people). To understand more about Maoists and its movement refer to these (BBC, Time) links.

In any case, at this juncture in Sri Lanka it is important that President Rajapaksa works towards providing a equitable life for Tamilians in Sri Lanka otherwise it could be a matter of time when someone fills in the shoes of Prabhakaran. 

Name of countries and the radical groups that are known to use violence

Country   Radical Group   Why Status
Peru Shining Path  Marxism Ongoing
Nepal Maoists Marxism Currently form the official govt. of Nepal
Sri Lanka  LTTE Separate State Eradicated
Columbia        ELN Marxism Ongoing