Monday, July 6, 2009

How not to organize a retail store

If you have visited Kenneth Cole store in Valley Fair Mall, San Jose you may probably know what I am talking about. Out of so many times I have visited the store, I have hardly bought anything. Why? For one, they do not seem to have any variety in any of the products they carry. There are so few designs, so few choices that even when my catches a unique design and I want to look for more, I see none which is a big disappointment. Second, the store is organized in a somewhat haphazard manner which confuses the customer. Women's clothes are at the entrance and then again at the back of the store, mixed with men's clothes. Then there is no clear section for trousers, full-sleeves or half-sleeves shirts and mostly clothes are hung so close together that they do not offer a quick sneak preview to the browsing customer. I love Kenneth Cole brand as I have been really happy with however many products I have purchased from them. The brand is strong but the product display really lacks character.

On the contrary, the Armani Exchange store in the mall is a complete opposite. Even thouh AX has only roughly half of the space that KC has, AX store is organized in a much clearer and cleaner manner which provides for a good customer browsing (and hence customer purchase) experience. I have also noticed that AX store gets much more fashionable items (and replenishes them at a faster rate) as compared to KC.

I am sure KC will do a turnaround some day.... at least if someone is keeping a watch on the store sales. As for me, I will continue visiting the store hoping to see a better KC.