Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PottyMouth! update

PottyMouth! is a funny app that translates cuss words (including audio translations) in 8 languages (Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Hindi). We launched the paid version of the app on July 31 2010 and lite (free) version around Nov 15 2010. Here's a quick update on the app...
  • Downloaded in 60+ countries. Our top downloading countries are USA, UK, Canada and Australia in that order. 
  • Rated as top NFL App on Appolicious
  • Highest Rated App on Appsafari
  • Downloaded by Timothy Jay, a renowned expert on swearing and a professor of psychology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. 
We will be shortly launching an NFL football sweepstakes (gift cards valued at $100 each) in order to celebrate colorful cussing by Rex Ryan and Anthony Cromartie! :-)

--- PottyMouth! supports healthy and playful cussing ---- 

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