Monday, July 9, 2012

Web UE: Keypoint vs Ally

Thought of sharing this small observation for 2 online banking sites:

Notice the phone number listed here. However, I don't know whether
a)  this is a 24/7 line or 8-5pm line (I logged in at ~10pm PST)
b)  "Chat with us Now" is not a hyperlink... may be "Now" is a hyperlink that lights up during business hours.

However, to my surprise I called and it was picked up within 30 sec. I loved this service... but I was almost tempted to not call (remember those 

1-800 service numbers where you dial in, enter your account information, spend 5 mins and are later told that the offices are closed at this time). 

Net result.... excellent service but not so well marketed.

Now, let's take a look at another bank... Ally Bank.

Now, note what they have on their main web page

a) tells me 1-877 is 24/7 right away
b) this is best-in-class!!!  it tells me my current wait time.  Wow!

This is awesome. If you bank with Ally, there are more awesome features in their website. Now one wonders why keypoint or wells fargo or bank of america or name-your-bank website is not as awesome as that of Ally Bank....  may be because the website is the ONLY face of ally bank to its customers (Ally is an online only bank) and as such they spend more time on the website than any other bank!

I was trying to find out who created the website... was it outsourced or developed inhouse... than I though wait-a-minute, an online bank company shouldn't outsource its key component of go-to-market and lo and behold... LinkedIn indicates that they have a big UE team. No wonder... :-) 

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