Saturday, January 24, 2009

Open letter to California Senator Ms. Elquist

Dear Senator Alquist,

My name is Sandeep Jain and I am a resident of the 
city of Santa Clara.

I care deeply about state of California and with this letter I want to bring to your kind attention the pressing issue of 
water scarcity in California. On its website, the Department of Water Resources mentions that “California is facing the most significant water crisis in its history”.

I would like to suggest one approach which can help save several millions of gallons of water per year – through the use of 
waterless urinals in public places. 

States of 
Arizona and Oregon have already enacted bills and to this effect.

Arizona Bill 2276 (effective Jan 1, 2005)

Oregon State Plumbing Board Ruling (effective around Jan 7, 2005)

I sincerely request you to enact similar law for the state of California.

Your kind attention in this matter is most sincerely appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Sandeep Jain

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